The Game Changer is Born

BY Julian Yap Joe Nin

Los Angeles. The city of stars.

This is where it all begins.

The home of entertainment – not just films and TV shows, SPORTS too.

LA is my home for the next year. There is no better place to be than to be in LA right now.

This is where “The Game Changer” is born.

A blog dedicated to make the link that has always existed between sports and celebrity culture.

The link between the two may be subtle, but I am here to dig it out for you.

The Game Changer stands out all on its own and differentiates itself by putting a modern, luxe spin on sports culture by integrating fashion, beauty and style – something that has never been done before.

I’m here to bring something new to the table.

That’s what LA is all about – what’s NEW and what’s HOT.

Well, let’s hope “The Game Changer” will be the next hot topic.

Let the games begin!

Cheers, Julian

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